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China! This word means so much; it gives the person not only imaginary of different kinds of goods but also centuries-old history, unimaginably large area and diversity of cultures and traditions. Everything to what you would mentally address: tea, silk, ceramics, and in principle anything in our time there is no exception, it all comes from China. Zhongguo (Middle Kingdom) or center of the world - as the country is named by the Chinese themselves. One time it was the mysterious country for two millennia closed off from the rest of the world by the Great Wall which protected peace and way of life of a great empire.

China has always attracted Europeans: since the time of Marco Polo and his travels. Widespread fascination with Chinese culture began in the 18th century. Up to this day, China beckons travelers from all around the world.

Amazing sights in China are centered not in one place, as it usually happens in other countries but they are met on regular constancy all across the country. Forbidden City in Beijing, the Great Wall and the Imperial Palaces affect by their greatness even those who have seen them hundreds of times. City parks, made in the best traditions of the Chinese, "dancing" squares, monasteries and temples, power and energy of the Shaolin Monastery - all this worth to go to China .

China is a country of unrealistic contrasts. Vast plains, densely populated and planted with rice, mountains and snowy peaks rising 8,000 m, sand dunes and endless deserts, broad rivers, idyllic lakes and dazzling green rainforests. Tribes cut off from the rest of the world, wandering with their flocks, and multimillion-population cities. Severe frosts and unbearable heat.

And all this is China. The abundance of natural beauty and history attractions, diverse culture, great history and ethnographic diversity make China extremely attractive for everybody.

Going to China with your own car

There is a public perception that one canít travel in China with his/her own car. This is not entirely true. In fact, one can and should travel in China, but by the Chinese law there is a number of requirements without which, travel to China on a foreign car is impossible. To make the journey happen, it is necessary to know how to prepare documents for the vehicles passage. Over the years of self-driving tours organization we gained a lot of experience and now are willing to share this experience with you. At first, we will let you know some things everyone needs to know if he/she wants to go through China with personal vehicle:


Before going to China with your own car, you should have a definite route in your mind. You have to plan it ahead of time and mark the basic points. Particular attention should be paid to the entry and exit points, border crossings in China.
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According to Chinese law the movement of foreign vehicles on China's territory without permission is prohibited. One needs to go over a number of formalities and get special permission. But there are places in China where a special permit is required not only for vehicles but also for people. For example - Tibet .
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If you have planned a trip to China using your own car, you need to know that the group should consist at least of two cars and two drivers. Group in this case is considered to be cars, not people. The participants can join travel on any route points and drivers may change. But the separation of car-group along the route is impossible.
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While entering China by car one should pay cash deposit. Its size of it depends on the point of entry into China. The deposit is refunded on departure day of the car from China.
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China's territory is covered with a network of roads; even in the most remote areas of China, in the high mountains the roads are modern and lovely.
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The group which is traveling to China with its own car must necessarily be accompanied by a Chinese guide. This man is not a guide who will tell you about the historical places and give you the information about the country, but who helps the group with all the reservations and any emerging issues on the way. And most importantly, this is a requirement of emigration service in China.
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National Parks

In China "Areas of natural attractions " are called as national parks. The national park status is assigned by the State Council of China, and is managed by the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction of China.
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Photos from past overland expeditions to China


Expedition or travel with your own car through China requires a huge effort in preparation, both technical and bureaucratic.

One needs to define a route and prepare the car for it.; get a visa to China, issue the special permits (permission) to travel to China; get a Chinese driving license, get a Chinese plates for cars and other authorization documents for travelling through this country.

Travelling in China with your own car will need you to start the paperwork three months ahead of the trip planned.

  • List of required documents:
  • Color copy of the passport (which is used for travelling abroad)
  • Color photo 3,5 x 4,5
  • Color copy of your driving license (both sides)
  • Color copy of technical passport of the vehicle
  • Color copy of technical inspection documents of the vehicle
  • Color copy of the current pass inspection
  • Photo of a car (all four sides)
  • Color copy of a Chinese visa
  • Mandatory conditions:
  • Detailed route through China
  • At least two cars in the group
  • Impossibility of separating vehicles
  • Escort of Chinese guide
  • Giving a deposit to the Chinese company

Documents, which are issued for China entry:

  1. Chinese driving license
  2. Plate on the vehicle
  3. The permits (permissions for entry)
  4. Technical Inspection
  5. Insurance
  6. Radio stations

Expeditions to China

Trans-Chinese CAR EXPEDITION 2011

We wated totravel by the routes of Roerich and Przewalski. Start our expedition in Asia using our unique form of transport - our own favorite SUV. The plan was to drive through the colorful town of Kashgar, to enter Tibet from the West, to visit the ancient kingdom of Guge, make the circuit around the sacred Mount Kailash, see Everest, talk with the monks in the monasteries, located around the city of Lhasa, drive through the entire eastern Tibet, meet with terracotta warriors and finally return to Kashgar.
But we managed to do much more with competently composed route and additional points put into it/ It became possible to continue the path to the Yellow Sea and drive across the Gobi Desert. In the frames of one expedition, we drove across whole China which allowed us to see a lot of amazing and interesting places.

Auto-expedition from Irkutsk to SHANGHAI - 2011

The aim of the expedition was to cross Mongolia, drive through central China: to walk along the Chinese wall, to see with our own eyes the Shaolin Warriors, visit the ancient capitals of China and dive into the world of Shanghai skyscrapers.

Auto-expedition " ASIAN TRANSIT - 2011"

Federation of Automobile Sports of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region for the first time in the history of Russia organized a transcontinental automobile expedition "Asian transit" going from Khanty -Mansiysk (Russia) to Cape - Piay (Malaysia) - the southernmost point of Asia. The route was: Khanty- ansiysk - Tobolsk - Novosibirsk - Barnaul - (countries) Kazakhstan - Kyrgyzstan - China - Laos - Thailand - Cambodia - Malaysia.

Purposes of the expedition:
- To test the modern navigation supplies and communication systems that allow a regular person to actually watch the expedition in real time (see how fast the car is moving, what is the temperature overboard and on the board, etc., I. e. become a member of the expedition, without leaving home);
- Explore the amazing and little known places of Asia, life and culture of the people living along the route, to prove that these places are not only within reach of jet airliners but that the borders and distance are not a distraction for those who want to see Asia face to face;
- An extreme test drive the car Mitsubishi Delica (confirm to those who already know and tell those who don't what a wonderful and enduring machine it is).

ON the Great Silk Road

This is the annual auto-expedition, which is organized for everyone, not having his/her own car, but dreaming to be on the Great Silk Road.

This is a unique opportunity to ride on the SUV brand Land Rover Discovery and get a lot of pleasure from it. Five expeditions of this project have already entered the history which, since 2007 were going along different branches of the Silk Road. Expeditions are not repeated, each time the starting point of the route is changed. For the start we always choose a legendary city of Europe and the route is always ended in China.

The uniqueness of this program is in the fact that for 90 days the participants are immersed in a completely different world, a world of adventure. This trip allows you to drive on many intact and not "beaten" places. Going along these trails the members of past expeditions were able to understand that the Great Silk Road is not sunken into oblivion legend and still is a functioning track, and during travel they learned much more than a huge number of historical books could tell them.

A film about the expedition "Tibet 2007 Alpclub MiFi "

About Us

China from long ago has attracted our attention. It was a dream to drive this huge country far and wide, with our personal vehicle.

We have done so. We started to organize overland expeditions to China. It has fascinated us so much that we can't stop. We are a circle of friends who like travelling with our own cars around the world. And since China is the most mysterious, the most interesting, the most attractive in terms of road trip, we decided to pay special attention to it.

We are eager to tell you about our travels, about all the intricacies of a trip to China. Share photos and videos. We will gladly help you plan routes throughout China. Tell you where and what is the best way to cross the border. What bureaucratic obstacles you have to overcome. And most importantly, we want to inform everyone that China has to be visited with your own car and you shouldn't be afraid of this.

We have completed more than a dozen road expeditions organized by us in China. About each of them we may tell you a lot of interesting stories. You may meet with people who have passed through unique trails of Tibet, through Taklamakan and Gobi deserts, across the whole Central China.

We do not stop on the trips we have already organized. Our plans go far beyond just one Car Expedition to China!


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